Delivery of samples across Russia may not be an easy task, given the size of our country. If we talk about short-distance transportation, for example between Moscow and the nearby satellite cities and St. Petersburg or the Leningrad region, the time is reduced to 10-20 hours.

Having its own vehicles and having professional couriers in the staff, our company is able to fulfill all the requirements on time.

Long-distance air transport is used, all necessary documents are prepared and checked before departure, and approvals are made. An important step in transportation is packaging, it must be certified, as well as trained personnel producing packaging, which must undergo special training under the international rules of air travel IATA.

Given the number of cities in Russia, the presence of specialists in many of them Package to provide services in a short time to deliver samples to the customer’s laboratory. Another feature is the city of Kaliningrad, as it is located on an “island” in Europe, adds a special package of documents, our company is able to deliver samples of oil products from the city of Kaliningrad, for example in St. Petersburg in the period up to 12-24 hours.

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