According to its specifics, the company Difutr provides services to oil companies, gas companies, and exporters of various goods. Sample delivery is challenging due to tight deadlines. Before concluding contracts for the export of petroleum products and other goods, the buyer must check the quality of the goods in his laboratory. For sending abroad to the nearest countries, own cars are used, and non-CIS countries by airlines as partners. In the case of international transport, our specialists prepare a full set of export documents including a declaration on dangerous goods and additionally other documents governing the right of export and import are submitted.

Considering the experience of our customs analysts and declarants, we promptly resolve issues of international shipments.

Own vehicles prepared for the certified transport of dangerous goods, a license for international transport, as well as competent couriers will take samples after receiving the application by mail, and managers will keep you updated on the whole cycle, the process takes place as soon as possible, the site has information tracking dangerous cargo.

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